Pest Control and Your Lease Agreement – Should You Pay?

Pest Control and Your Lease Agreement – Should You Pay?

When it comes to pest control services at a rental, it is important that you discuss the options with your landlord before moving forward with anything. This is especially true if you live in a condo association where there are certain rules. We have come out to jobs where they were not given permission to spray the area and we had to leave without providing service.

You are Probably wondering if your landlord will cover the cost of pest control services. Generally, in lease agreements, you won’t find any information about pest control. You may find stuff about your appliances or HVAC, but they normally won’t discuss pest control. That’s why its important to bring up your concerns with your landlord and have them discuss with you whether they want you to pay or whether they will pay.

Best pest control companies around the nation:

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When it comes to deciding which pest company is the right one the choose it really becomes a task to answer. Many citizens would prefer to take matters within their own hands and handle their pest problem themselves but there are times were the situation gets out of hand and the pests within their home become more and more invasive. There are many companies to look to if you are in need and may be on a budget, one of those companies is Pest control Pros.

This company aims to give customer satisfaction toward its clients and promises to not only get rid of the pests within your home, but take it down by the source. This company will figure out where the pests are company from as well as what may be attracting them to the home and will do everything within their power to rid the home of them and make sure that they will not come back. They promise to come by monthly and bi-monthly to make sure that the pests are truly gone. They also state that if the insects return back to the home, their services will be completely free.

Getting Rid Of Mice Top 5 Companies

how to get rid of mice

Suggestions To Get Rid of Mice

When weather begins to get warmer you may see more mice roaming. You may begin to observe more mice appearing in your house and/ or among your outside foliage. Dealing with getting rid of mice can sometimes be a very frustrating task especially when mice find a way to get into the household. There are some great home remedy suggestions for getting rid of mice.

Common Household Pest Control Tactic

Cinnamon acts as a resourceful ant repellent in the household. The smell of cinnamon depresses mice from wanting to come into the household. Use cinnamon as an ant repellent by dabbing certain areas that it is visible mice are lingering on a daily basis. You can also use cinnamon that is grounded and cloves near entry areas of the household to prevent mice from coming in.

White Vinegar

Using white vinegar to get rid of mice is another effective repellent suggestion. Mice hate the strong aroma that white vinegar gives off. White vinegar can be used to clean various areas of your household, which helps to stop mice from wanting to crawl over sprayed surfaces in the household.


Another suggestion to get rid of mice is using borax. Borax will get rid of mice entirely. It is toxic to mice and it eliminates mice from the house as well as the foliage around the house. Borax is alluring to mice but when mice digest the borax it kills them.

In conclusion, there are effective ways to get rid of mice in the household.